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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject Re: 6.0.20 - New behavior on conf/Catalina/<host>/<ctxpath>.xml update. Why redeploy?
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 08:53:37 GMT
2009/10/1 Mark Thomas <>:
> Peter Crowther wrote:
>> I wonder whether this is a race condition with some text editors.  For
>> example, if vi operated in the following way:
>> 1) Rename context.xml to context.xml~
>> 2) Create context.xml, write contents, close file
>> ... then a poll of the state of context.xml between 1 and 2 would show
>> context.xml as missing.
>> A swift perusal of the vim/gvim sources indicates that at least those
>> two editors operate in exactly this way.  There's a small period when
>> the file would appear not to be present if polled.
> That could explain what Igor saw although the odds of it happening must
> be pretty small. Could you raise a bug for this in Bugzilla? For the fix
> I'm thinking along the lines of waiting 500ms if the file appears to be
> deleted to check that it doesn't re-appear before continuing.

The odds would increase on a heavily loaded system, but I agree it's
pretty unlikely.

On the flip side, most people would only notice it if, like Igor, they
didn't have the war file and had autoDeploy set to "true".  In any
other situation this would cause a re-deploy rather than a re-load,
but the system would recover to its previous state.  So it might be
more common than we know!

I'll create a Bugzilla entry once Bugzilla responds - at present it's
timing out on 3 page loads in 4.  My own suggested fix would have been
to delete only if two successive polls indicated that the file had
been deleted, but you know the source code far better than I do.

- Peter

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