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From Andre-John Mas <>
Subject Re: Default character encoding for ServletRequest
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 12:34:40 GMT

On 1-Oct-2009, at 07:22, Halm Reusser wrote:

> Pid wrote:
>> How about?
>> request.setCharacterEncoding("ENCODING");
> I wan't do it within the application. I prefer to configure the app  
> container or the app itself.

I had asked for this too a while back, but I was told the RFC  
indicates ISO-8859-1, so the developers didn't want to allow you to  
change the default encoding used by the application server, which is a  
shame. I say it is a shame, because we can already change the URL  
encoding and being able to standardise your deployment solutions on  
UTF-8 would be so much nicer, IMHO.

My solution was to use a character set filter, described here:

since the URL wasn't working at the time of posting, also described  

>> Bearing in mind that you're not really changing what the client  
>> requests, or might expect you to be setting...
> Is there a possibility to force the client to use a specific encoding?

Generally what ever the client has been asked to display the page in,  
will be used for the next request. At least that is what experience  
has shown me.

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