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From James Murphy <>
Subject Tomcat hangs when reloading context if user is logged in
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 13:05:24 GMT
Hi all,

Some background info:
OS: Windows Server 2003
Tomcat Version: 5.5
JDK Version: 1.6.0

I've run into a very annoying problem while trying to enable automatic 
context reload on our development server. It works well when there is 
not a user logged on to the system (I guess that means while there is 
session info on the server), but if someone is logged in, then Tomcat 
fails to reload the context. Another issue that may be related to this 
is that Tomcat will not shutdown cleanly when someone is logged in 
(Tomcat hangs at "INFO: Stopping service Catalina). Rather, we must 
close the console window forcefully, then start the server back up to an 
error (IOException while loading persisted sessions:, shut it back down, and restart it. This has 
become very tedious to do whenever we have to cycle the server, and has 
made context reloading impossible. After all the information I tried 
piecing together on the I guess it has something to with not being able 
to reload/shutdown if there is an open session, but I'm not sure

I tried upgrading Tomcat to 6.0.20, but the same issue occurs. If 
possible, I'd like to try fixing this on Tomcat 5.5, because I'm not 
100% sure that the migration went cleanly.

I used jstack to get a stack trace on the Tomcat process when it hung on 
context reload. I won't post the details unless someone thinks they 
might be helpful (Don't want to fill the email with too much stuff). 
However, I know I read somewhere that Tomcat will hang on shutdown if 
there is a non-daemon thread still running. jstack reports three 
non-daemon threads: main, VM Thread, and VM Periodic Task Thread. I 
don't think that's causing the problem, but figured I'd better let you 
know anyway.

I appreciate your help, as it has been very frustrating trying to 
resolve this issue.
-James Murphy

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