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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: A question about log-rotation on "catalina.out"
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 22:47:56 GMT

1) :-)
2) I'll definitely try it.  It looks like it's worth the effort (and as 
a reward for yours).
3) I have a question in the text below
4) If it works, this has got to go on the WiKi

Christopher Schultz wrote:
> I think you can get this effect by:
> 1. Setting <Context swallowOutput="true"
> 2. Configure a context logger in like this:
>    handlers = ...., crappyWebAppHandler
>    crappyWebAppHandler.level=FINE
>    crappyWebAppHandler.prefix=mychoicetoo
>    # not sure about suffix
>    # Next is all on one line:
> org.apache.catalina.code.ContainerBase.[ServiceName].[hostname].[/contextName].handlers=crappyWebAppHandler
>    # done with all-on-one-line

Q : are the above [things] litteral, or meant to be replaced by the 
respective values ?

Qbis : by the way, and I know you're probably going to object to this, 
but is there something above stopping me from directing that to a pipe 
on the filesystem, where I pick it up with an external rotatelog or 
something ?

> I'm not sure if JULI/Tomcat-JULI/whatever supports rotation directly,
> but at least it's not using shell-redirection at this point. If you want
> to step-into the log4j world (totally worth it!), you can use log4j's
> rotation capabilities, which I highly recommend.

No, I don't want to learn log4j. It looks too much like lifelong 
dedication is needed, just like Java (*). I am not an intensive Java 
programmer.  I'm an intensive Perl programmer.  I kind of like Java to 
look at.  And I try to keep a veneer of knowledge about it and Tomcat, 
just to keep these younguns in meetings from thinking they can impress 
me into submission.
(*) Actually, it's not the Java language itself, which is quite simple 
and elegant.  But it's that in order to do anything at all in that 
language, you first need to become familiar with dozens of class 

>> I would even add a couple of additional optional attributes
>> blackHole="true"
>   crappWebAppHandler.level=SEVERE (or whatever)
>> when="rightnow"
> Uh... bin/ && sleep 5000 && bin/ ??

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