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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Connection between ListenerStart and clustering
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 17:57:38 GMT
Thanks for letting us know!

On 28.10.2009 16:23, Bocalinda wrote:
> Hi again Rainer,
> It seems some of our software updates must have solved the issue, as it's
> been working perfectly now for several weeks.
> I think we may conclude that it didn't had to do with the the clustering
> implementation.
> I feel sorry that you put time into patching the issue. In case the problem
> ever comes up again, the first thing I'll do is test the patch you've sent.
> Thanks a lot.
> 2009/10/14 Bocalinda <>
>> Hi Rainer,
>> I'm sorry for the long delay in getting back to you.
>> I got sidetracked by another issue and wasn't able to look into this
>> earlier.
>> However, the bad news is that the administrators didn't allow me to apply
>> the patch as it is a production server.
>> I can apply it to pre-production, but the error isn't reproducable there...
>> 2nd however; It's been 12 days since we've seen the listenerStart error due
>> to the classDefNotFound (in production).
>> I need to check with the developers whether they accidentily made any
>> changes that might have solved this problem.
>> It might as well be that we have been lucky and that the error starts
>> appearing again tomorrow.
>> I will try to reproduce the problem in another server, in order to try out
>> the patch you supplied.
>> Thanks again.
>> 2009/10/3 Bocalinda <>
>>> Wow, that's what is called a quick turn around! :)
>>> Thanks. I'll try as soon as possible and let you know.
>>> 2009/10/3 Rainer Jung <>
>>> On 03.10.2009 18:11, Bocalinda wrote:
>>>>> Hi Rainer.
>>>>> <wild guess>
>>>>>> I remember problems with clustering which were of the following kind:
>>>>>> session replication data was received on a node although the context
>>>>>> wasn't yet fully initialized.
>>>>>> Maybe we run into classloader troubles in that case?
>>>>>> This could only happen if another node in the cluster is running
>>>> the
>>>>>> time between stop and restart of the node, which logs the exception.
>>>>>> This could certainly be the case as I have 4 nodos in cluster. I
>>>>> stop/restart one by one, in order to ensure the availability of the
>>>> webapp.
>>>>>> How easy can your reproduce the problem? In case I provide a patch,
>>>>>> could you test, whether the problem goes away?
>>>>>> </wild guess>
>>>>> Taking into account that this is a production server, it won't be easy
>>>> to
>>>>> play with it, but I can propose to take 2 nodes out of the cluster to
>>>> do
>>>>> testing with.
>>>> You can find a patched catalina-ha.jar and in case you are interested
>>>> also the respective source code file at
>>>> I did a one to one port from TC 5.5 to TC 6.0. So please test carefully
>>>> and let us know the results, so we can include the patch into the
>>>> standard code in case it proves it helps.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Rainer

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