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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Updating Apache and mod_jk
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:44:17 GMT
On 27.10.2009 14:50, Andre Hübner wrote:
> Hello,
> have an older system apache 1.3, tomcat 4.1, mod_jk 1.2.2
> updated to apache 2.2.10, mod_jk 1.2.28. tomcat should stay installed
> unchanged.
> restart fails with:
> [Tue Oct 27 08:50:19.526 2009] [14905:16384] [error]
> jk_map_validate_property::jk_map.c (404): The attribute
> 'worker.ajp14.credentials' is not supported - please check the
> documentation for the supported attributes.
> If i deactivate line
> worker.ajp14.credentials=myveryrandomentropy
> in my apache is starting, but tomcat application
> seems to
> stuck, i got 404 errors when calling the application.
> How can i correct this?
> I also tried to compile older mod_jk 1.2.2 in my apache2 environment, but
> this fails because file apu_compat.h is not found at making. i do not know
> which packages containing this file.
> How to solve this issue?

I'm afraid version 1.2.2 of mod_jk is so antique that ou will have to
set up a new configuration. At that time configuration options were not
kept stable. We did a good job in working with old configurations since
about 3 years, but 1.2.2 is much older.

Take a look at the configuration, especially at the documentation for

Quick fix: old mod_jk allowed JkMount in the global server and
automatically used them in all VHosts. More recent mod_jk needs either
JkMount in the VHosts you are actually using, or at least a "JkMountCopy
On" in those VHosts or "JkMountCopy All" in the global server.



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