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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: apache/tomcat/modjk URL path question
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 08:29:27 GMT
On 20.10.2009 16:59, 1world1love wrote:
> I know that there is probably an easy solution to this, but all the posts I
> have found relating to this don't seem to match my scenario, and most of
> them I frankly don't get.
> My issue is this: I have a server running apache and tomcat. The server is
> behind a load balancer and firewall that manages mapping url paths to
> specific servers. So we have a URL: and based on the path
> it will do this:
> -> serverA (/app/htdocs)
> -> serverB (/app/htdocs/path)
> I have an app in tomcat that I have mounted via JK. If I go to
> http://myipaddress:8080/MyApp (by using the ip address I can bypass the load
> balancer) than my app loads. If I do http://myipaddress/MyApp my app loads
> (again bypassing the LB, but using the modjk). 
> But if I do than obviously this won't work since
> the LB will point to serverA. What seems to be at issue is that our
> configuration requires that our http root be htdocs and that there be a sub
> called 'path' so that although there is a root '/' all of our content is
> essentially served from '/path/' since the '/ ' URL will always go to
> serverA.
> So I have adjusted my modjk mount to handle requests that look like:
>, but when tomcat tries to handle this,
> obviously it can't find anything at /path/MyApp. It expects /MyApp.
> I tried setting a context with path="/path/MyApp"  docBase="MyApp", but that
> didn't work. I still get a 404.
> So, how can I specify that tomcat should expect '/path' in the URL for all
> potential apps?


should contain answers.



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