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From Jesse Long <>
Subject Re: Persistent Storage for Webapps
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:31:45 GMT
Mikolaj Rydzewski wrote:
> Jesse Long wrote:
>> Question: id /WEB-INF/ in the extracted directory the correct place for
>> persistent data storage? If not, where is?
> No, WEB-INF is not a correct place app generated files.
> You can use any directory outside of context root.
>> My goal is to find a consistent way of creating persistent data relative
>> to the context. I dont want to have to configure context parameters with
>> data directory paths for each installation.
> It depends :-)
> You can have a code that generates path to storage directory based on 
> host name, based on app name, based on server's IP, reads it from JNDI 
> context, etc. With such solution you don't need any context 
> parameters, you need one war file (I mean war file is not environment 
> dependant).

Thanks for your answers. I still like the concept of having the 
container allocate persistent storage space. Can I configure tomcat to 
not delete from the "javax.servlet.context.tempdir" directory?


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