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From Linux sysadmin <>
Subject Re: resource not available : Apache Tomcat/6.0.20 with java jdk1.6.0_16 on linux
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 21:41:15 GMT
Hi back Konstantin,

  When i put a web.xml in ${catalina.base}/conf  it's working, that's 
great, thanks Konstantin for this remarks ;-)

  But what i really wanted, is not using an web.xml in 
${catalina.base}/conf  but use the web.xml of each application, and use 
the master web.xml in ${catalina.home} in the case of a web.xml missing 
in an application ....

  Perhaps i am misunderstanding the  concept of   CATALINA_HOME and  

 If it's working with the java command without the web.xml in 
${catalina.base}/conf    why it's not working with  the  "jsvc" command, 
that's my bigger interrogation for now ...

Nevertheless thanks you very much for giving me this light on this case ...

I am analysing the strace logs for trying to have an answer ....



Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>  1316 INFO: No default web.xml
> That message is about ${catalina.base}/conf/web.xml
> You have -user jsrvd  on your jsvс command line. Are those files
> readable by that user?
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Kolinko
> 2009/10/4 Linux sysadmin <>:
>> Thank Konstantin and Peter for your fast reply,
>>  Unfortunately  i put  2 "=" like in the java command but still the same
>> error as tomcat not finding the web.xml of my webapp !!!
>> Regarding the answer of  Peter i am doing an strace on it, answer is up to
>> come ...
>> Peter Crowther wrote:
>>> Try Konstantin's fix first, as the security policy could certainly
>>> cause the problems you're seeing.  I suspect that's the issue (it came
>>> in while I was writing this).
>>> If you can eliminate that and the problem's still there, time for a
>>> little more debugging.  Depending on your flavour of UNIX, there will
>>> almost certainly be something that you can use to monitor the system
>>> calls that the Java process makes as it's failing to load web.xml.
>>> It's strace(1) on most Linuxes, for example.  It would be very
>>> interesting to see what the process is doing as it looks for that
>>> web.xml.  In particular: does it look and find it?  Does it look and
>>> get permission denied?  Or, the really interesting case, does it never
>>> look - in which case there's probably a Java security policy setting
>>> preventing access.
>>> - Peter
>> Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>> I have not dug through all the log output that you are citing, but at
>> least the following things are difference between your and
>> jsvc command lines:
>>> 1) The value of
>>> 2) The value of
>>> The value of jsvc is certainly wrong. There
>>> must be a double equal sign there:
>>> That is, the value starts with a '='.  See java security docs for the
>>> meaning.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Konstantin Kolinko
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