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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: SEVERE: Error getConfigured
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 08:12:43 GMT
andre wrote:
> Hello :
> When I start tomcat ,I find the error msg in my tomcat log . what's wrong
> with my tomcat ?
Apologies to the list, it seems that I started another thread by mistake.
Jay, please respond to the list, not to me.

About your Tomcat :
It looks like your Tomcat package is broken.  Tomcat expects to find a 
series of webapps (manager, host-manager, admin,..) and does not find 
them.  So it complains.
Maybe you manually deleted some applications in the /webapps directory, 
without telling Tomcat properly about it.
I suggest that you de-install your Tomcat package, and also the 
Tomcat-webapps package if any, and also the war application which you 
added later.
(Also delete the Tomcat logfiles in /var/log/tomcat???
Then, re-install Tomcat (and maybe Tomcat-webapps) cleanly.

Then, fist verify that Tomcat is working, before you add anything else.
If there is another problem then, post another message to this list.

About your application's war-file : this is not part of Tomcat, and 
probably nobody here knows this application.
If there is a problem with it, you should contact the makers of that 

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