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From Sven Eisenhauer <>
Subject Tomcat Comet and Proxy question
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:48:40 GMT
Hello *,

I have a question regarding the Comet technology in combination with a 
HTTP proxy.
First of all, my application is working fine so far, no problems.
I am using Tomcat 6.0.20 on Windows XP and 6.0.18 on Ubuntu Linux, 
running a NioHttpConnector on port 8081.
On both plattforms I have a apache httpd proxy on port 80 using 
mod_proxy_http to connect to the tomcat, fine so far.
Tomcat uses a form-based authentication for all servlets and jsps, 
everything working.
In one jsp a Comet request happens, which receives data from a Comet 
servlet, also working fine.

Now my problem is: All this comet request go over the proxy.
Which means, that I have 2 connections per request on the server.

Is there a way to connect to the Comet servlet directly?
I played around with making the request to 
http://serveraddress:8081/CometServlet from the normally served jsp.
But then I have no access to the session of the jsp in the comet servlet.

I hope, I could describe my problem clear enough and somebody has a hint.

Thanks and best regards,
Sven Eisenhauer

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