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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: resource not available : Apache Tomcat/6.0.20 with java jdk1.6.0_16 on linux
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 22:21:46 GMT
5 октября 2009 г. 1:41 пользователь Linux sysadmin
<> написал:
> Hi back Konstantin,
>  When i put a web.xml in ${catalina.base}/conf  it's working, that's great,
> thanks Konstantin for this remarks ;-)

It should be not the web.xml of your application, but the default one.

See conf/web.xml in the official distribution of Tomcat from

The distinct feature is that it has a long list of mime-types. It is
also the one that defines the JSP and default servlets. Of course, all
of them can be in webapp's web.xml.

>  But what i really wanted, is not using an web.xml in ${catalina.base}/conf
>  but use the web.xml of each application, and use the master web.xml in
> ${catalina.home} in the case of a web.xml missing in an application ....
>  Perhaps i am misunderstanding the  concept of   CATALINA_HOME and

See RUNNING.txt in the official distribution.

When using CATALINA_BASE, the following folders are moved there:

You can remove those folders from CATALINA_HOME.

The following folder can be created for the sake of placing
"" (setenv.bat) file there:

The rest of /bin files remain in CATALINA_HOME. That is, there are the
following folders:

Also I usually have some shared libraries in CATALINA_BASE. That is, I
have a /lib folder there, but for that you need to edit your
conf/ file, or wait for Tomcat 6.0.21. Such feature
is proposed to be included in that release.

> If it's working with the java command without the web.xml in
> ${catalina.base}/conf    why it's not working with  the  "jsvc" command,
> that's my bigger interrogation for now ...
> Nevertheless thanks you very much for giving me this light on this case ...

Access rights? Or may be you did not shutdown your previous Tomcat instance?

Also, if there were confusions with what user was used to start the
Tomcat, please check what user is the owner of your log files (maybe:
delete them all) and remove the files that are in the /work folder
before starting Tomcat.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

> I am analysing the strace logs for trying to have an answer ....
> Cheers
> Gerald
> Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>>  1316 INFO: No default web.xml
>> That message is about ${catalina.base}/conf/web.xml
>> You have -user jsrvd  on your jsvс command line. Are those files
>> readable by that user?
>> Best regards,
>> Konstantin Kolinko
>> 2009/10/4 Linux sysadmin <>:
>>> Thank Konstantin and Peter for your fast reply,
>>>  Unfortunately  i put  2 "=" like in the java command but still the same
>>> error as tomcat not finding the web.xml of my webapp !!!
>>> Regarding the answer of  Peter i am doing an strace on it, answer is up
>>> to
>>> come ...
>>> Peter Crowther wrote:
>>>> Try Konstantin's fix first, as the security policy could certainly
>>>> cause the problems you're seeing.  I suspect that's the issue (it came
>>>> in while I was writing this).
>>>> If you can eliminate that and the problem's still there, time for a
>>>> little more debugging.  Depending on your flavour of UNIX, there will
>>>> almost certainly be something that you can use to monitor the system
>>>> calls that the Java process makes as it's failing to load web.xml.
>>>> It's strace(1) on most Linuxes, for example.  It would be very
>>>> interesting to see what the process is doing as it looks for that
>>>> web.xml.  In particular: does it look and find it?  Does it look and
>>>> get permission denied?  Or, the really interesting case, does it never
>>>> look - in which case there's probably a Java security policy setting
>>>> preventing access.
>>>> - Peter
>>> Konstantin Kolinko wrote:
>>> I have not dug through all the log output that you are citing, but at
>>> least the following things are difference between your and
>>> jsvc command lines:
>>>> 1) The value of
>>>> 2) The value of
>>>> The value of jsvc is certainly wrong. There
>>>> must be a double equal sign there:
>>>> That is, the value starts with a '='.  See java security docs for the
>>>> meaning.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Konstantin Kolinko

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