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From Daniel Wittenberg <>
Subject Re: errors after install
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 16:33:17 GMT
On Oct 1, 2009, at 10:21 AM, Peter Crowther wrote:

> 2009/10/1 Daniel Wittenberg <>:
>> I know spacewalk doesn't have it's own tomcat, the install pulls  
>> everything
>> it needs
> Yes, but it probably doesn't *configure* it.  The spacewalk RPM
> probably expresses a dependency on Apache httpd and a dependency on
> Tomcat.  So you'll get a bare httpd from its rpm (which will not be
> configured to talk to Tomcat) and a bare Tomcat from its RPM (which
> will not be configured to talk to httpd, might be of a different
> version to the one Spacewalk is expecting if it expresses a >=
> dependency, and which appears to have at least a docbase/appbase
> issue).  I presume you'll then have to configure them to talk to each
> other, via mod_jk, mod_proxy or mod_proxy_ajp.

Actually it does configure it

>>  I'm thinking what might work best is just to wipe the VM with a  
>> fresh OS
>> install and try the install again and see what happens.
> I suspect you'll get to exactly the same place

Actually this time it worked.  Not sure what happened last time, but  
it's about 99% working right now.

>> I got no errors
>> during the install, so it all appeared to be working until I went  
>> to login
> You wouldn't - the bits are installed, the files are in the right
> place, I just suspect that the Spacewalk RPM is not set up to tell
> httpd how to talk to Tomcat.  Nor should it - otherwise it has the
> potential to break a working system.

Not sure I agree here.  You can easily put httpd configs out there  
that tell how certain apps work.  Just dump your configs in /etc/httpd/ 
conf.d and good-to-go.  Obviously if you just happen to dfefine  
another alias on your server for /rhn/ you're gonna have issues, but  
otherwise there's no problems, and it pretty common to see web-apps  
that install configs on how to make it work.

> Looking at the wiki, I also cannot see how spacewalk-setup connects
> httpd with Tomcat.
>> RHN is the management console that on the commercial side Red Hat  
>> uses to
>> manage the Red Hat Enterprise licenses and clients, this is just the
>> opensource version of that.
> Ah.  <rant> And it appears to have DeadRat's now-traditional poor
> quality - you'd think they would at least check for warnings before
> releasing.  I used to like that distro 12 years ago, but the quality
> went downhill sharply once they split Fedora off. </rant>
> - Peter

Yeah, sometimes I wonder about some of the apps when they get moved to  
opensource, like RHN, they get better but makes you wonder how this is  
working internally for them.

BTW 12 years ago would have been like Red Hat Linux 5.0, way before  
fedora :)


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