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From beppe_c <>
Subject Re: Best Tomcat O.S. and Server Configuration
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2009 17:05:51 GMT

Peter Crowther wrote:
> I'll use my usual quote: "It depends on what you're trying to do".
> How heavy is the traffic to your machine?  Why do you want the
> boundaries you have drawn - what is the benefit to you of each of
> those boundaries?
> Unless you have very strong reasons to keep them separate, I would
> suggest combining the production and parking environments into one
> virtual server.  The overhead of an entire OS and Web server for
> parking and static sites will be high compared to the overhead of just
> running them on the production server.
> If you only have one MySQL instance, then your test environment is
> *not* identical to your production environment as you must use
> different instances or databases for the "test" and "production"
> systems.  It's very easy to forget to change the configuration as you
> move between the two.  I would install MySQL on "test" and on
> "production".  If you feel you can't afford the RAM to do this... you
> probably need to add more RAM.  You might want a third instance on
> "developing" as well, and just get rid of the separate MySQL
> environment.
> So I'd go for at most three VMs: "test", "production" and possibly
> "developing" if you don't want to merge your svn repository and trac
> onto your production server.
> OS-wise, I would pick the one that you're familiar with.  The cost of
> learning a new OS is far higher than the cost of the RAM to run your
> preferred OS on the virtual machines - though if you're most familiar
> with Windows, I'd beware of paying for 5 x Windows licenses!
> - Peter
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Thanx Jonatan and Peter..

I think I'll do in the way Peter has suggested.

About O.S. I'm oriented on ubuntu server. I was evaluating CentOs but I've
read about some problems in the organization and evolution of that open
source project..
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