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From larrydlefever <>
Subject Tomcat 5.5 logging-config elegant? Not so much, I think.
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 22:42:07 GMT

I just killed most of the afternoon trying (and failing) to get Tomcat 5.5
logging configured for just pretty basic sensible (to me, at least) output.

I'm running Ubuntu.  I installed Tomcat 5.5 via aptitude (the Ubuntu


  - a lingering System.out.println() (I know shouldn't use such -- but just
knew I'd have trouble setting up logging -- and I was right): it's
apparently getting "swallowed", though I don't see that "swallowOutput"
option being set where I believe it's supposed to be set (per some
forum-posts and such)

  - a Log statement set up using Commons Logging doesn't appear, though it's
essentially immediately 'upstream' of what does appear (more about which in
a moment) -- it's in the same method and there's no control-logic preventing
it from executing

  - there's an ex.printStackTrace() whose output IS appearing in the
catalina.out file -- or the one like it with the timestamp in it (not sure
why there are two such)

So, regarding application-specific logging, I'm apparently getting only
what's automatically going to stderr.


  - tried most obvious thing first: put the log4j jar into the webapp's
WEB-INF/lib and into its WEB-INF/classes directories,
tweaked my code to use Log4J explicitly as logger, changed one
System.out.println() line to use that logger; result: no change

  - read about (rather hackish!) things to do 'upstream' (or: up the
classloader-hierarchy) in the common/lib and common/classes directories;
basically doing much as above but at that 'commons' directory-level; result:
no change; maybe had yet to change the script to set a -D option
to point to my own file; might yet do so, though reluctant,
since that's so damn hackish

  - read about and tried (even more hackish!) tricking the bootstrap code
into thinking it's using commons-logging-api.jar when it's actually using
the "full fledged" commons-logging.jar (along with associated change to my
code to use commons-logging's classes rather than specifically those of
Log4J): result: no change

  - incidently, each of these tests seemed to have the desired effect
locally on my Windows laptop while running in Jetty rather than Tomcat

I plan to continue with all this tomorrow, with a 'fresh head', but anything
anybody might be able to tell me that might give me the needed "aha" moment
with this would be much appreciated.


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