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From Joe Hansen <>
Subject Re: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2009 16:12:11 GMT
> Yup, it looks like you have more of your application objects taking up
> memory than the tickets you were worried about.

So True! We are right now designing and developing our next generation
of websites and this experience will surely come handy. I will now
think twice before I store anything in the session and will make sure
I remove no longer used objects from the HTTP Session.

> You can couple session-object expiration with lazy instantiation/fetch for a solution
> that can keep your sessions lightweight yet allow insanely long session
> timeouts.

Chris, can you please elaborate what you mean by coupling
session-object expiration with lazy fetch?

> Is it an absolute requirement that these objects be stored in the
> session at all? If so, then maybe the caching strategy can be tweaked a
> bit to allow both requirements to peacefully coexist.

The code is 3 years old and it does not use a caching strategy at all.
However, I am planning to use ehcache when we developer our future

> There are even techniques that will allow your session objects to expire
> when memory gets tight (which is super cool IMO).

I did not know that something like that existed. Thanks for letting me
know, Chris!

Thanks for telling me about SoftReference, Charles. Looks like
SoftReference existed since JDK 1.2 and I never knew about it! Is the
use of SoftReference popular?

Thanks guys!

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