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From Alexander Bacon <>
Subject Horizontal Cluster Session Persistence during Failover
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 15:06:36 GMT
Even though my servers are configured identically (except for
jvmRoutes), they're behaving differently.

If the session begins on ServerA and then ServerA crashes, it will
switch to ServerB and the session will not be lost.
If the session begins on ServerB and crashes, it will begin a new
session on ServerA.

They both have the distributable tag. (From my understanding, this
seems to be a potential cause.)

In ServerB's log files:
INFO: Manager [/test-app]: skipping state transfer. No members active
in cluster group.

The message:
INFO: Replication member
is only appearing in ServerA's log files.

I've found several tutorials on the web that have some similar goals
and success in their implementations, but in trying to piece together
their processes to have it work for me, I've had some issues resolving
the discrepancies in their suggestions.

The environment I'm using:
Windows Server 2003
Tomcat 6.0.20
Apache HTTP Server 2.2.11
JK 1.2.28 Connector

Thanks for your time.


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