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From "Nagulapalli, Srinivas" <>
Subject RE: Configuring second tomcat instance on same box
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 00:20:00 GMT
> From: Pid [] 

> Perhaps you weren't aware that some mail readers track additional 
> headers in the email, (as previously mentioned), to determine which 
> replies refer to which other emails in the thread.
> It is a tree structure so one needs to monitor the branching to see 
> where new additions should fit.
> Simply changing the subject line doesn't erase the headers (which you 
> don't usually see), so your message appears abruptly in the middle of 
> the tree.

Thanks for patiently explaining. 

So much thought put in to figure branching using additional headers, but
thought for displaying in obvious manner same headers that make it
This is not lambasting inner workings of email or effort in RFC. Far
from it. Tool is only as good as we made it to be. Hoping some
compassion and 
thought to user experience! 

PS:  Also, it turned out I had all along a successfully configured
     tomcat instance (by changing port numbers in server.xml). I was 
     starting Tomcat from Eclipse using Sysdeo plugin. And the problem
     Eclipse was somehow using previous settings inspite of changing and

     refreshing! Deleting server config, recreating and restarting


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