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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Realm configuration issues
Date Sun, 06 Sep 2009 01:44:54 GMT
> From: Adam Posner []
> Subject: Re: Realm configuration issues
> One of the conflicting info is whether to put the DataSource Realm
> declaration inside a context element in META-INF/context.xml versus
> putting it in a context element inside a host element in server.xml.

Anything recommending putting a <Context> element in server.xml is sadly out of date;
that was necessary for older, now unsupported Tomcat levels.  The current method is to place
a webapp's <Context> element in the webapp's META-inf/context.xml file, or in conf/Catalina/[host]/[appName].xml
if the webapp is stored outside of the <Host> appBase or if you want to override the
one in META-INF/context.xml.  (For compatibility reasons, current Tomcat versions do support
<Context> elements in conf/server.xml, but it's strongly discouraged.)

> I get the impression that the META-INF directory is more for if 
> you're packaging your webapp as a WAR.

Not true; the same structure is used whether the webapp is deployed in expanded form or as
a war file.

> The other thing that's causing me some confusion is if you're
> putting your Realm declaration in server.xml should you comment
> out the default UserDatabase Realm that's above it ?

Depends on the desired scope of the <Realm>; it may be inside an <Engine>, <Host>,
or <Context>.  The one in Tomcat's default configuration is immediately under the <Engine>,
so it applies to all <Host>s and webapps, unless overridden by one nested more deeply.
 Again, this is all in the docs:

> right now I'm just trying to get it working - I can changs that later

Famous last words (based on 40 years of experience is this industry :-); get in the habit
of doing it the right way from the start.

 - Chuck

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