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From Theparanoidone Theparanoidone <>
Subject Re: Multiple JSESSIONIDs different subdomain
Date Sat, 19 Sep 2009 03:45:44 GMT
Thank you; that's pretty close to what I am looking for (as it relates to mod-jk):

As a follow up question, it seems safe to assume that tomcat will receive the JSESSIONID's
in the appropriate order... however, in our struts application there appears to be a limited
way to retrieve the session:

pseudo code:
map m = ActionInvocation ai.getInvocationContext().getSession()

1) Is it safe to assume that the above call will return the "more" specific JSESSIONID?

2) Is there another function call that will return an array session objects?

(excuse me if i'm missing something)

Thank you!

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From: Rainer Jung <>
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Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 8:24:00 PM
Subject: Re: Multiple JSESSIONIDs different subdomain

On 19.09.2009 01:29, Theparanoidone Theparanoidone wrote:
> Greetings~
> We have cookies in use on our site for the following domains:
> and
> When visiting a portion of our site "" ... ... two cookies are
returned from the browser:
> Cookie: JSESSIONID=D90A613743A67B0B8EF3EBEAB7E16F28.routewebd101; JSESSIONID=5102F5A7735A0FFB33D35B155B640A19.routewebd101

This has been discussed only recently:




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