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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: errors after install
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 19:23:21 GMT
Daniel Wittenberg wrote:
> Very true, sorry for so vague.  So selinux is turned off, I don't enable 
> unless I have to most of the time.
> - Spacewalk = RHN = Linux server management tool
> - It is running on CentOS 5 and uses latest tomcat5 RPM's
> The problem is I know little to nothing about tomcat, I only figured 
> those were tomcat errors since they were in the catalina.out, but from 
> what you are saying other webapps that run under tomcat can log there too?
Yes. Not the purest recommended practice, but yes.

> I mainly posted here because spacewalk isn't working, complains that it 
> can't talk to tomcat on port 8009 (ajp?), 
well, that something else you never mentioned before.  At least not here..

and notice these errors and
> figured tomcat was having issues.
> That help?
A bit, but it's still vague.
For instance, there are umpteen versions of tomcat 5.0.x and tomcat 
5.5.x around, and they are quite different, and we have no idea what 
CentOS 5 might, in their wisdom, consider "the latest rpms".
Running the "" script in tomcat/bin, as previously requested, 
and pasting the result here would go a long way to provide accurate 
information to help you.
Also, providing the beginning of catalina.out, after a cleanup and a 
fresh tomcat start, also as previously requested, would probably tell us 
right away if there is a problem with port 8009, and what it might be.

It's like pulling teeth here..
See, I have no wish to start learning spacewalking unless I have to, and 
so far it is not very clear why or how that thing would want to talk to 
Tomcat on its AJP Connector, nor if Tomcat is even trying to provide one.

So if you don't willingly start providing the information requested, I'm 
gonna wash my hands off it all, and leave you in the hands of Chuck or 
Pid here.  Then, you'll see what "abrupt" means.

To gain some time, also look around for a tomcat "server.xml" file, and 
paste here parts of its content : specifically, any uncommented XML 
<Connector ... > tags you find in there. That server.xml file may be 
either in (tomcat_install_dir)/conf, or maybe in /etc/tomcat5???
(That would tell us which server ports Tomcat is *supposed* to listen on).

Oh, and something else : usually when Tomcat does not, by default, open 
an AJPconnector on port 8009, it is either because it is not configured 
to do so, or because it is, but something else is already using that 
port.  catalina.out would tell us, but if you feel adventurous you may 
want to try the command :
netstat -pan | grep 8009
at a moment when Tomcat is NOT running.  Just to see if you're fishing 
Then you can start Tomcat and do it again, and tell us about the result 
of both.

> Thanks,
> Dan
> On Sep 29, 2009, at 7:17 PM, André Warnier wrote:
>> Daniel Wittenberg wrote:
>>> I'm setting up spacewalk, all default settings, and I'm getting this in
>>> the catalina.out.  Any ideas ?
>>> Sep 29, 2009 7:19:34 PM com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool
>>> $AcquireTask run
>>> WARNING: com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool
>>> $AcquireTask@7da79447 -- Acquisition Attempt Failed!!! Clearing pending
>>> acquires. While trying to acquire a needed new resource, we failed to
>>> succeed more than the maximum number of allowed acquisition attempts
>>> (30).
>> Hi.
>> We'd be really good if we solved it on the base of the info above, 
>> wouldn't we ?
>> So I'll try : selinux ?
>> Other than that, if you really want help about this, you'll have to do 
>> a bit better.
>> Admittedly, the mention of "catalina.out" up there is a clue that 
>> there might, maybe, be a Tomcat installed on your system.
>> The error message above however is no such clue.  It does not seem to 
>> come from any Tomcat code.
>> So you might start by telling us a bit more about
>> - what "spacewalk" is supposed to be
>> - if it is supposed to contain a Tomcat
>> - if yes, which version
>> - on what platform (OS) this is happening
>> - since the above does not seem to be really a Tomcat problem, make a 
>> little effort at convincing us that it is, by :
>>  - stopping this spacewalk and the perhaps associated Tomcat
>>  - delete all logfiles of either that you can find
>>  - restart the application, or preferably, only Tomcat
>>  - then send us a new copy of the catalina.out, showing any messages 
>> that look like errors or warnings, but from the moment when Tomcat 
>> starts up
>>  - if you find the base Tomcat installation directory, and find a 
>> "bin" sub-directory in it, and in there you find a "" or 
>> "version.bat" script, run it in a console window, and paste the output 
>> in your next message.
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