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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to check if the client dropped the connection
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 08:15:56 GMT
aaime74 wrote:
Kind of restarting from the beginning, I think that the first question 
to ask is whether whatever method which actually does the rendering of 
the maps, and which is "heavy" in terms of resources, is capable of 
being interrupted cleanly in the middle.  Is it capable itself of 
checking regularly if it should continue doing the work ? Or else, if 
you "shoot it down" does it mop up after itself, or does it leave stuff 
to clean up all over the place ?

 From an overall design point of view, it seem to me that you have two 
very different types of processes going on : the first type is the 
management of the HTTP requests, connections, protocol, etc.., which is 
something that should be efficient, light-weight and quick, should 
detect (whenever possible) that the client has broken the connection and 
so on.  That part should also serve the response to the client, when the 
full response is ready as a static object on disk e.g.
The second part is the generation of that content, which by it's nature 
is slow and heavy, but has a very simple interface ("create this 
content"; "stop right now"; ..).

Personally, I would tend to try to separate the two parts, and create a 
separate process to handle the content generation, a bit like a database 
back-end.  It seems to me that it would then be easier to "wrap" this 
process in a simple management wrapper which can interrupt the content 
generation when receiving some signal from the first part, and cleanup 
properly, without tying up resources useful to the HTTP part in the 
Such a separation may also simplify aspects such as caching of 
previously generated content, or load-balancing several content generators.

Maybe you should have a look at Apache MINA for the content-generation 
side ? (

The "(whenever possible)" above refers to the fact that a number of 
things outside of your control can come in the way of such detection : 
proxies, firewalls and the like.  If the ultimate client breaks the 
connection, it is not guaranteed that Tomcat itself would notice this 
right away.

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