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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Virtual host configuration - best practise?
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 13:03:30 GMT
On 25/09/2009 08:26, hepabolu wrote:
> awarnier wrote:
>> hepabolu wrote:
>> ...
>>> However, from the Tomcat docs I understand that any change to server.xml
>>> requires a restart of Tomcat which would mean that the existing
>>> (non-dummy)
>>> hosts which are already in production, i.e. up and running, will also be
>>> taken offline. This is the heart of the problem...
>> Just as another look on the issue.
>> <skip/>
>> This may be one case where the added complication of having an Apache
>> httpd in front of Tomcat is justified.

> Do you have any info on processing times using apache + mod_jk?

Your app will be the defining factor in terms of responsivity, there is 
an overhead when using HTTPD in front of Tomcat but it's usually 
negligible compared to the time spent in your application.

OP: Chris asked you if you were using session replication, I'd also ask 
if so, which type?

If your interest is in load balancing, you are using sticky sessions and 
you are not too bothered about forcing re-login or session 
re-initialisation when the client shifts node, you could disable session 

A positive change in performance would confirm that session replication 
is causing the slow down in the one node.

You didn't specify (did you?) which algorithm you are using to load 
balance, have you experimented with the various options available?


> Thanks.
> Bye, Helma

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