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From Sylvie Perrin <>
Subject Re: Create FileInputStream in servlet from remote file with accentuated character name
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 07:44:34 GMT
Christopher, André,

Christopher Schultz a écrit :
>> And (just to anticipate the next issue), Sylvie, does your program
>> actually need to read the content of the file and do something with that
>> content ?
> Yeah, remember to use a Reader and specify the character encoding.
Yes, my program needs to do something with the content of files of the 
shared Windows directory.
Actually, the main action is to parse each files and read content 
throught an "InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(file))".

According to what Christopher says, I need to always specify the 
character encoding, so doing "InputStreamReader(new 
FileInputStream(file), encoding)"

Thanks for your help.


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