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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Why "tomcat" didn't compile my jsp's
Date Sat, 19 Sep 2009 01:12:59 GMT
Rafael Muneton wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> I’m learning the Struts framework and in my first Web Application, that contains only
a JSP with the classic Hello World! Message, I have some problems.
> I’m using Windows XP SP2 as the OS.
> Apache Tomcat 5.5 as the web server.
> Ant  1.7.1 and Java 1.6 SDK.
> In my first steps I deployed my Hello.jsp into Tomcat using the Tomcat Manager and it
seemed OK but  the Hello.jsp  didn’t compile. So I googled my problem and someone told 
me that this job could be done by “ANT” not by “TOMCAT”. Therefore I downloaded and
installed Ant 1.7.1 and after several attempts it worked!
> Using the command options   “ant compile” or “ant all” created the hierarchy
directories to be deployed into Tomcat, but again, my Hello.jsp  didn’t compile.
> So one question is: Is this a job for ANT or for TOMCAT?
> Somewhere I read that a JSP passes by two steps in the process:
> The first one translates the Hello.jsp into a     and    the second one converts
the into a Hello.class.
> How can I achieve this using ANT or TOMCAT?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
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Could you provide some description of your webapp's structure, where
this jsp was placed, any log messages, etc., ...  Details would be


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