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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: what does j_security_check do in clustering?
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 08:59:05 GMT
Rex Wang wrote:
> Dear Tomcat,
> I meet a problem when config a web project which using the form based
> security in clustering.

Clustering or load-balancing? Whether or not session replication is
configured between your Tomcat instance's is key.

> When I set session affinity = true in my front http server, the security
> check was done in single node, there is no problem with that.
> But if I set affinity = false, the requests from the security check process
> are sent to 2 nodes, and it is really strange.. eg:
> 1. From index.html(NodeA), try to access protected resouce
> 2. Go to the logon.html(NodeB), I input the id/passwd, and then submit
> 3. The request looks like sent to NodeA, but did not do any check operation.
> Does that work as design? that is, if I wanna use form check security, my
> cluster must be session affinity?

That depends on the answer to the question above.


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