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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: tomcatThreadPool - when to make changes
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 15:04:29 GMT
Christopher Schultz schrieb:
>> Is the possibility to enforce thread quotas for applications (via
>> their <Connector>s) the main reason for the existence of <Executor>s?
>> What other reasons are there?
> <Executors> can shed threads when they are not being used (see
> maxIdleTime config param), while the stock thread pool never releases
> connections after they are created.
> Another reason for <Executors> is for them to be /shared/ by
> <Connectors>. If you need to, say, listen for traffic across 10 ports
> (okay, it's a bit contrived... maybe across 10 IPs on port 80), then
> you'll need 10 <Connectors>. Rather than having to guess at which
> webapps will be the most popular and allocate threads to each thread
> pool accordingly, you can simply point them all to the same <Executor>
> and then all <Connector>s share the thread pool.

Chris, thanks for these useful explanations. So, explicit <Executor>s
are useful for:

* having multiple <Connector>s share a common thread pool
* closing idle threads
* enforcing thread quotas for a specific <Connector> or group of
* maintaining common thread pool configuration

Michael Ludwig

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