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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Need Help - Mod_jk/Apache - Mutiple Content issue
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 14:32:19 GMT wrote:
> Yes you are right.I think I didn't mention it clearly.I am having this while loop for
writing a huge chunk of data followed by a thread that sleeps for some time and that is where
I am expecting my reply_timeout to be timed out and the data written till the sleep of the
thread is seen in the browser and the log file.
Ok, now I do understand better, I think.
There is a request.
The Tomcat app starts answering (a long chunk of data), then crashes.
This is simulated by your test script, which sends a long chunk of data, 
then sleeps (to simulate a crash).
Eventually, some timeout occurs, which (may) cause another element to 
consider this Tomcat unresponsive, and switch the request to another one.
This other one then restarts the request from the beginning.
The final result being that the requesting browser first received an 
incomplete chunk of data from the first webapp, and now starts receiving 
the same data (again) from another webapp.

Again intuitively, I don't know how any server-side scheme is going to 
solve that.
When the first webapp starts answering, that Tomcat has to start sending 
the answer back to the client.  If it then crashes, it is too late to 
"call it back"; the data is already on the wire to the client.
It would be in my view the client's responsibility to ensure that it 
discards any incomplete data received.
But I don't know of any browser for instance, which does that.
They all start to try to display the data as soon as they have the 
beginning of it.

I think that if you really need this, then you would have to insert some 
other "item" between Tomcat and the client, which acts as a proxy, and 
only starts sending the response to the client when it is sure that it 
has received and buffered a complete response from the server.
But then, this "item" becomes the weak link.  It could also crash..
Or else you need an applet at the client side, which does the same thing.

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