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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Reuse DefaultServlet at runtime from webapp for static resources on disk.
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 09:33:32 GMT
Robbert-Jan Roos wrote:
> Any ideas on how to go with this?

How adventurous are you feeling?

Tomcat 7 (not yet released - you'd need to build it from source) has the
concept of alias resources that can be defined at the Context level.
>From the docs:

<attribute name="alises" required="false">
<p>This attribute provides a list of external locations from which to
load resources for this context. These external locations will not be
emptied if the context is un-deployed. The list of aliases should be of
the form <code>"/aliasPath1=docBase1,/aliasPath2=docBase2"</code> where
<code>aliasPathN</code> must include a leading '/' and
<code>docBaseN</code> must be an absolute path to either a .war file or
a directory.</p>


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