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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Cookie value with equal sign getting truncated
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 13:16:54 GMT
Joerg Schaefer wrote:
> It seems, that Tomcat doesn't allow a "= " sign in the cookie value.

It is the cookie specs that doesn't allow unquoted '=' and Tomcat got
stricter about enforcing the specs as a result of a couple of security

> If there is a "=" it put the value into "" -signs.

Yep - as per the spec. Values that contain '=' have to be v1 cookies and
have to be quoted.

> This problem occurs with Tomcat 6.0.18.

The cookie changes started in 6.0.14 and caused various regressions. The
6.0.18+ behaviour (ie the auto switching to v1 cookies) was added to
help those apps that used '=' in the value and couldn't easily fix this

> Are there a workarounds available to disable this behavior?

Your options are:

1) Have v0 cookies with '=' treated as invalid (use
2) Have Tomcat automatically switch the cookie to v1 and add the quotes
(the default)
3) Don't use '=' in cookie values (ie change your app)


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