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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: jsvc will not start on Snow Leopard & Tomcat 6
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 22:28:50 GMT
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On 9/3/2009 6:22 PM, bemaniac wrote:
> I tried running ldd, but I guess that command doesn't exist in OS X Snow
> Leopard. Is there another command I can try?

Hmm... I'm not a Mac OS X wonk... sorry. I figured ldd was standard *NIX
(though everything in OS X seems to work in a different way, so why not

> I've looked in the directory it is looking in to find "libjvm_compat.dylib",
> and the only thing similar that's in there is "libjvm.dylib". 

Yeah, libjvm.dylib is likely to be /the/ JVM, while libjvm_compat.dylib
is likely to be a smaller compatibility library for certain features. A
quick Google search seems to indicate that libjvm_compat.dylib is
related to JDK 1.4 which should have been replaced long ago. That's why
I suggested a non-sane (insane?) Java installation. Does OS X offer any
way to "reinstall" a system package like this?

Unless someone on the list has specific experience with this, I'd
suggest asking on the commons user list (where jsvc questions might
better be answered) or on an OS-X-specific Java list. Sorry :(

- -chris
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