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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: processing precedence for mod_jk config?
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 18:13:00 GMT
On 26.08.2009 15:57, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> Is this due to the new version of mod_jk and that's
>> just how it behaves, or because I have a very open mapping for the
>> mount directives, or something else I'm just not seeing.
> I don't believe there have been significant changes to the way mod_jk
> works over the years.

I don't understand, what problem you try to fix. The most common use case is

JkMount /myapp/*

which *will* forward requests for forbidden contant, like
/myapp/META-INF/... or /myapp/WEB-INF/... to the web container. This is
OK, because the SPEC says the container is *not* allowed to deliver such
content. You should get an error from the container, right?

As soon as you start to disable forwarding of this stuff, you are more
likely to run into trouble. Because now, if you also put the webapp
somewhere on the disk where the web server can deliver it, you have to
ensure, that the web server does not deliver this content. That's
because the web server is not aware of the special meaning of these URLs.

So why not letting mod_jk forward it?

Finally: Around 1.2.15 there indeed where changes to the interaction of
mod_jk and directory (index) handling. I don't remember the details
right now, but let's first focus on what kind of problem we want to fix
(if there is one).



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