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From ispringer <>
Subject Re: startup.bat exit code
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 14:19:28 GMT

Eduard Pal wrote:
> It seems that in tomcat 5.0 when i run startup.bat it exists with code
> 1. Does anyone know why?

It's because of a combination of Windows quirks (or some might say flaws).
Whenever one unsets an environment variable (e.g. "set FOO="), the set
command sets the errorlevel (i.e. exit code) to 1. In Windows, commands do
not always set the errorlevel after exiting. When they do not, the
errorlevel keeps its previous value, which is whatever value it was set to
by the last command that did actually set it. For example "echo hello" or
"set FOO=queue" will not set the errorlevel at all. In catalina.bat, the
following line causes the errorlevel to get set to 1:

set JPDA=

None of the commands following that line set the errorlevel (at least not in
the case when the batch file was passed "start" as its first arg), so when
the batch file exits, the errorlevel is still set to 1. If catalina.bat was
called via startup.bat, startup.bat exits after catalina.bat exits and the
errorlevel is still set to 1.

A fix for this would be for catalina.bat to execute a command that is known
to set the errorlevel back to 0 after the "set JPDA=" line. For example:

set JPDA=
rem The above command sets the errorlevel to 1. The ver command will reset
the errorlevel to 0.
ver >nul


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