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From Michael Allman <>
Subject addResource operation on NamingResources mbean does not work on non-global contexts
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2009 09:34:38 GMT

I'm using Tomcat 5.5 on Java 5.  I'm trying to dynamically create a new 
DataSource resource and add it to the JNDI component environment within a 
webapp.  To do so, I'm doing the same thing the admin app does: I get 
Tomcat's MBeanServer, create the ObjectName for the NamingResource mbean 
for my webapp's context, and invoke the "addResource" operation on the 
NamingResource through the MBeanServer.  This does not work.  When I try 
to subsequently retrieve the DataSource from JNDI, I get a 

I think I know what the problem is, and it looks like either a bug or an 
unimplemented feature.  After the "invoke" method is called, Tomcat calls 
the NamingResources.addResource(ContextResource) method on the appropriate 
NamingResources instance.  This method appears to do exactly what it 
should.  The last line of the method calls

support.firePropertyChange("resource", null, resource)

The problem here is that nobody's listening.  I think an instance of 
NamingContextListener should be listening for this event.  Let's look at 
that class.

In NamingContextListener.lifecycleEvent(LifecycleEvent), the instance's 
container field is set from the LifecycleEvent.  Later in that method, for 
the case Lifecycle.START_EVENT, if the container is an instance of the 
Server type, we see the line


However, if the container is an instance of the Context type, there is no 
such method call on namingResources.  This seems to be the reason for the 
failure of the mbean "addResource" invocation.

Given the fact that this feature (dynamic DataSource adds) is provided by 
the admin app, I'm assuming it's supposed to work.  Can anyone on the 
Tomcat developers' team chime in?



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