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From "Carl" <>
Subject Re: Not compiling JSP's
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2009 20:06:58 GMT

As usual, you were spot on.  Both of the references described what I was 

When your wife wants to leave, it is a question of when not if.  I think the 
same applies here: the spec says something and eventually we will all comply 
with that.  Accordingly, I bit the bullet and changed all the offending 

The number of configurations is the result of history.  I am now trying to 
reduce them but I need servers to switch production to before I can update 
the production servers.  We have been doing very well with a single server 
(God help us if it has a problem) but volume is reaching the point where we 
need to start thinking cluster as in a cluster of Tomcats not that other 

Martin, thanks for your response.  I think I have a handle on this now.

Again, thanks to all.


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Subject: RE: Not compiling JSP's

> From: Carl []
> Subject: Re: Not compiling JSP's
> 1.  Why the compilers on most of my computers worked fine and the
> newest one (test server) failed.

I find it odd that you run such a variety of configurations.  In any event, 
several fixes for quote escaping have gone into recent versions of Tomcat, 
such as:

Also, take a look at the doc for the STRICT_QUOTE_ESCAPING system property:

You might have been able to avoid updating so much code, but it's probably 
better to bring it into compliance with the standard.

> 2.  Why I did not see any errors in any logs.

That's a very good question.

 - Chuck

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