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From "Eric B." <>
Subject Re: swallowOutput not working properly?
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 01:32:26 GMT
"Filip Hanik - Dev Lists" <> wrote in message

>> I ran some additional tests this afternoon to try to discover some 
>> pattern,
>> and noticed the following.  Using a very basic app, I noticed that upon
>> startup, a listener does not have its output swallowed, whether through
>> log4j or a direct System.out.println.  However, both a filter and a 
>> servlet
>> does.
>> This doesn't seem to correlate entirely with your statement above,
>> especially given that no request threads are even started yet.
>> Given that I am using spring which initializes any singleton beans 
>> through
>> its context listener, I'm wondering if some of the logging issues that I
>> have found relate to the fact that the listener's stdout doesn't seem
>> redirected.
>> The way I see it / figure it, the Tomcat administrator should be able to
>> configure the logging of the application independent of how the webapp is
>> designed.  To require the webapp designer to use the same logging 
>> framework
>> as Tomcat would not allow for that.  Furthermore, the webapp developers
>> shouldn't necessarily need to worry about how or where the logging 
>> happens.
>> If the webapp simply logs to StdOut, it would allow the Tomcat

> You got it right. The only time you will get output swallowed is when 
> there is an incoming request.
> Listeners are in the initialization stage, and will not get swallowed.

Any particular reason(s) why the design for swallowOutput was only to handle 
incoming requests and not the context as a whole?
Secondly, how does a Filter and Servlet outputs get swallowed properly upon 
initalization?  There is no request at that point either, is there?



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