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From "Eric B." <>
Subject How to authenticate JNDIRealm against linux LDAP users?
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 18:17:24 GMT

I've been struggling with getting Tomcat to authenticate against my LDAP 
server for a couple of days now.  I think I am finally starting to make some 
headway.  I am able to sucessfully authenticate users if I use cleartext 
passwords in the directory.  So now, the next thing is if I want to use MD5 
or SHA passwords.

I am trying to authenticate against my list of Linux users that already 
exist in the directory.  I do not want to create/manage a seperate list of 
users for my application.

My problem is the way the JNDIRealm checks passwords doesn't seem to 
coreleate against the data that is stored in my directory.

Currently, my userPassword is stored as: userPassword: 
{crypt}$1$AfBOPVqJ$GWlhLtmollCN9Namo9fmn0  As you can see this is not in Hex 
format, and is prefixed by {crypt}; both causing problems with JNDIRealm.

My question therefore is the following: is there another class that I can 
use instead of JNDIRealm to authenticate against Linux passwords, or does 
anyone know if there is another way to configure Linux to store passwords in 
a manner that is consistent with Tomcat's JNDIRealm?

Thanks for any insight that anyone can provide.


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