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From Peter Crowther <>
Subject [OT] SCP timestamps (was Re: Tomcat writing the wrong timestamp on compiled JSP's)
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 14:22:07 GMT
2009/8/14 André Warnier <>:
> But since I am also a heavy user of WinSCP, connecting to my various Apache
> and Tomcat machines, and I also see that same issue (some server sometimes
> showing me server files with a timestamp off by one hour more or less), and
> this has been puzzling me at some low level for a couple of years now, I'd
> also like to understand the issue fully while we have the chance.  This does
> not only concern JSP files by the way, but also logfiles etc..

My guess: you see this in the summer, not in the winter.  scp may be
using a protocol that sends date+time information as text, without the
timezone attached.  It may be parsing that text as a time in GMT, or
outside daylight savings time.  When you're in daylight savings time,
your times may show as being out by an hour.

But that's a guess.

- Peter

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