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From Kristen Walker <>
Subject Re: Connection Pool Exhausted
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 16:10:51 GMT
I just wanted to report back on the connection pool exhausted issue.  I got
some help from the JASIG uPortal list and it turns out that some of my
settings in the uPortal config files were screwing with the way database
connection pooling was working.  Now that those settings have been tweaked,
it appears that connection pooling is working.  I am still doing some
testing over here, but things are looking a lot better now that the uPortal
settings are correct.

Thanks for all the help and troubleshooting ideas!  I really appreciate it.


On 8/17/09 12:29 PM, "Bob Hall" <> wrote:

> --- On Mon, 8/17/09 at 11:38 AM, Kristen Walker <> wrote:
>> We had some help debugging the connection pool exhausted issue over the
>> weekend and for now it seems that changing jdbcUsePool=true to
>> jdbcUsePool=false stops the site from crashing due to connection pool
>> issues.  We are going to investigate more to see why connection pooling
>> isn't working like expected.
> You can obtain a stack trace that should point to the offending code
> by using the Deprecated log abandoned functionality in BasicDataSource:
>    setLogAbandoned()
>    setRemoveAbandoned()
>    setRemoveAbandonedTimeout()
> e.html
> There is some indication that logging of abandoned connections/statements
> will continue in some form:
> - Bob
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