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From Dan Denton <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 6 shutdown hangs server when using JDK 6.0_15
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 20:42:53 GMT
Thanks for the reply Juha. I've gotten some suggestions from a previous responder, but I will
also give this a shot on RHEL5.3 and see if I can reproduce it. I will report the result to
the list.


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From: Juha Laiho [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2:53 PM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Tomcat 6 shutdown hangs server when using JDK 6.0_15

Dan Denton wrote:
> Hello all.
> I'm running an RHEL 4 server on a VMware VM hosting tomcat 6, using JDK 6.0_15. When
I attempt to shutdown any tomcat instance, the entire server (VM) hangs and has to be rebooted.
Even out of the box tomcat installations cause this.
> When I use JDK 5.0, this doesn't happen. The tomcat instance logs don't show anything
useful. I've attempted to use jstack and pstack to get a trace of the process during shutdown,
but the server dies before anything useful is logged. Has this happened to anyone else out
there? Google yields lots of "tomcat hung" hits, but nothing about the OS hanging in response
to a shutdown.

Isn't RHEL4 quite old (depending on the update level, of course)?

Also, I saw your message telling that you've managed to do this same
on a non-VM RHEL4.

Especially, if your Tomcat (Java VM) runs as a non-root user id,
I would classify this as an OS issue: a process run as regular user
is able to hang the system. This is a definite no-no, and as such
you should take it up with Red Hat. And even if you did run the
Tomcat as root, this still should not happen at the OS level.

So, my recommendation would be to check that you're up-to-date with
updates published to RHEL4, and if this still occurs, take this up
with Red Hat.

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