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From Nick Fielding <>
Subject Changing the Default webapp
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:07:51 GMT
Dear Tomcat experts,

I've been trying to figure out how to change the default webapp in
Tomcat 6.0.18 from 'ROOT' to 'uPortal'. I want it such that, when a user
enters into their browser they get uPortal
rather than the default out-of-the-box Tomcat landing page. Currently,
to get uPortal, a user has to enter: .

	- I've tried deleting the 'webapps/ROOT' webapp and creating a
symlink called 'ROOT' to link to 'webapps/uPortal'. This works, however,
I suspect the webapp is being initialised twice, once as ROOT and the
other as uPortal. This is obviously not great.

	- I could do an apache URI rewrite for '/' => '/uPortal/'. But
this would still result in '/uPortal/' appearing in the users address

	- The uPortal.war could be renamed to ROOT.war, however, I would
rather much prefer to keep uPortal in the 'uPortal' webapp directory.

	- I'd like to keep Tomcat's auto deploy functionality.

So, considering the points above, does anyone know a way of changing the
default webapp for Tomcat?

Many Thanks,

University of the West of England, Bristol 

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