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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Db connection issue due to firewall
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 20:26:30 GMT
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On 8/31/2009 3:47 PM, Michael Ludwig wrote:
> Christopher Schultz schrieb am 31.08.2009 um 11:21:32 (-0400):
>>>   <Resource name="jdbc/oracle" auth="Container"
>>>   [...]
>>>   validationQuery ="select 1 from dual"
>>>   testOnBorrow ="true"
>>>   testOnReturn ="true"
>>>   testWhileIdle ="true"
>>>   removeAbandoned="true"
>>>   timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis ="600000"
>>>   numTestsPerEvictionRun ="3"
>>>   minEvictableIdleTimeMillis ="650000"
>>>   moveAbandonedTimeout="180" logAbandoned="true" />
>> You also shouldn't need testOnReturn and testWhileIdle, though I
>> understand you're probably desperate.
>> I can't imagine that it matters, but you might want to take out the
>> spaces after the = signs in your XML (like validationQuery ="true").
> Superstition! The spaces are allowed, if uncommon.

Hey, I'll shake a turkey in my underwear if it'll get something to work
that just won't work otherwise. Of course spaces are allowed in XML, but
bugs have been known to exist in both parsers and the digester. Anyhow,
the OP is grasping at straws, so I figured I'd hand him/her a few more.

> I know desperation can get you to do such things, but unfortunately
> hardware and software systems lack both humor and compassion :-)

We'll see what the debugging code I suggested shows.

- -chris
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