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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4 start up as (/sbin/service)
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 14:33:32 GMT
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On 8/25/2009 1:24 AM, sunil chandran wrote:
> Now can i stop tomcat service and take a backup of tomcat 4 
> directory. Then install the new tomcat4.1.40 in the same location. 
> That way i need not change the directory location in any files too. 
> right? so once i install tomcat4.1.40 in the same location (where 
> previous tomcat4 was running) the script/etc/init.d/tomcat4 will run 
> the new tomcat4.1.40?

That might work. Since Tomcat doesn't install any files in /etc, I don't
think installing a new version of Tomcat or uninstalling the old one
will remove them.

I would allow Tomcat to install itself into .../apache-tomcat-4.1.40
instead of trying to make the directory names match. You might confuse
yourself by having a 4.1.40 install in a directory named 4.1.24.

You could also use the magic of symlinks like this:

/usr/local/tomcat -> /usr/local/apache-tomcat-4.0.40

Then, all your scripts can point to /usr/local/tomcat and not a specific

You could always read the scripts to find out what's going on. I suspect
they are quite simple.

At this point, if you don't know what to do, perhaps you should get
someone else to perform this upgrade.

- -chris
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