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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Virtual Hosts and manager application.
Date Tue, 25 Aug 2009 14:30:24 GMT
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On 8/24/2009 5:20 PM, Wesley Acheson wrote:
> Off topic is it wrong to reply to two emails like this in one mail (for
> threading purposes?)

While not "wrong", it is kind of confusing. There's no particular reason
not to reply to messages individually.

>> Your apps will be deployed at least twice, maybe
>> more. Why don't you use just use the manager webapp from where it gets
>> installed by default (in CATALINA_HOME/server/webapps/manager)?
> Its being deployed once per host.  I need more than one because the standard
> manager install only works for one host.

Right, I get it. But, since the manager app is also sitting in Tomcat's
webapps directory, which has auto-deploy turned-on for your localhost
<Host>, it will deployed there as well. I'm not sure there's really a
problem with that (it's just another deployment, under a different
<Host>), but I just wanted to point out that it /will/ be deployed twice
in your configuration, when you are trying to really have it only deploy
once (for testing).

> This is similar to the instructions at
> A default Tomcat installation includes the manager. To add an instance of
> the Manager web application Context to a new host install the
> manager.xmlcontext configuration file in the
> $CATALINA_BASE/conf/[enginename]/[hostname] folder. Here is an example:
> <Context path="/manager" debug="0" privileged="true"
>          docBase="/usr/local/kinetic/tomcat6/server/webapps/manager">
> </Context>

Somebody boned those instructions: the "path" attribute should not be set.

> If you have Tomcat configured to support multiple virtual hosts (websites)
> you would need to configure a Manager for each.

Yup, and it's as easy as duplicating the manager.xml file into each of
your conf/Catalina/[hostname] directories. You shouldn't have to do
anything else at all (except maybe modify the <ResourceLink> to point to
maybe another type of user database.

> I did a direct copy [of manager.xml]. I only started changing it after I ran into
> the problem even then I don't think I changed it much.

What problems were you having? Those mentioned in your original post
(like "Document base .../apache-tomcat-6.0.20/./manager does not
exist")? The only reason I can think of to get that odd error would be
to mess with the docBase in the manager.xml file itself.

Otherwise, I'm at a loss. I might suggest wiping your TC install and
starting again, step-by-step. It's possible that you're broken something
else somewhere and we'll have a tough time finding it.

- -chris
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