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From Timothy J Schumacher <Tim.Schumac...@Colorado.EDU>
Subject How do I modify a UserDatabase Resource from my webapp?
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 19:04:49 GMT

I am using Tomcat 5.5.27 and java 1.5 on an old redhat Linux machine.

I have a UserDatabase Resource and a UserDatabaseRealm set up in 
server.xml and logins are working as expected.  I exposed my Resource 
under name="UserDatabase".  In my webapp code I tried invoking an 
operation using an MBean server and I get a ClassNotFound 
org.apache.catalina.mbeans.UserMBean exception.  I am guessing this is 
because that particular class is in the server classloader and not in my 
app's classloader?  Is there a way to accomplish this from a 
non-privileged app? 

Does there exist an example somewhere that I missed of a webapp that 
manages it's own users.xml?


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