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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat subdirectories BASIC authentication
Date Sat, 15 Aug 2009 12:04:02 GMT
Martin Gainty wrote:
> As we are learning
> There are some things that Tomcat can do and
> some things Tomcat cannot do

There are may things you can't do with Tomcat. However, Tomcat can do this.

> if you want to look at how other webappservers accomplish url-pattern and security-constraint

That description of web.xml applies to any spec compliant servlet
container. However, given that the OP doesn't know what a context path
is that probably won't help. However, the Servlet spec will.

> ping me offline for a solution you can use

Encouraging off-line communication for on-topic posts is totally
unacceptable behaviour on this list. The community learns from other
people's questions and answers. Encouraging on-topic questions to be
taken off-line prevents the community from learning from each other.

> rather than Tomcat certified solution that wont work

This is completely untrue. Security constraints do work in Tomcat. It
would be a major bug if they did not.


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