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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Clearing the catalina.out file
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 16:53:28 GMT
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On 8/14/2009 11:37 AM, Susan Richards wrote:
> If I had time to learn how logrotate works I wouldn't need to post
> to the list and waste your time, but if you're going to reply to a 
> question, why answer only part of it?

Logrotate's operation is not particularly relevant to your question: you
just wanted to know if it was acceptable to truncate the file while
Tomcat was still running. You'd need to know this whether you were using
logrotate or some other mechanism (including doing it manually).

> If you know the answer, why spend the time telling me to try it out?

I'm trying to encourage posters to do their own work (especially if it's
stupid simple to try it out), instead of always asking the list. This
list isn't much fun if you're answering the same questions that are
easily determined without asking the list. You could search the archives
or even Google
( to get
decent information already available.

Honestly, I'm not trying to be a jerk: I'm trying to teach you that you
can get a faster answer by trying certain things yourself rather than
posting to a list and waiting for responses. Especially responses from a
jerk like me. At least Chuck didn't demand to know what version of
Tomcat, JVM, and OS you are using. :)

> I support many other applications and if you have time to explain how
> logrotate works

Two gentlemen, Erik Troan and Preston Brown, have labored to produce a
perfectly good UNIX manual page that describes logrotate's configuration
and operation in painstaking detail. I would recommend that you read that.

- -chris
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