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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat writing the wrong timestamp on compiled JSP's
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 13:08:26 GMT
Kees Jan Koster wrote:
> Dear Mon Cab,
>> Yes.  That fixed it.  Thankyou Kees.
> Glad to help.
>> For some reason, the issue was with my  WinSCP client.
>> When I edited a jsp and then looked at the jsp file timestamp on the 
>> remote machine with WinSCP it showed the timestamp as my the current 
>> time (local and remote system times are the same).  However, when I 
>> looked up the timestamp of the same edited JSP on the remote box it 
>> was stamped an hour ealier than the current time.
>> I reconfigured WinSCP not to preserve the timestamp, and that fixed 
>> the issue.  The wierd thing is that now WinSCP is showing the remote 
>> JSP files as being timestamped an hour later.  Since the system time 
>> on my local machine is correct,  I'm a bit confused as to what WinSCP 
>> is doing here.
> I have yet to meet a developer who truly understands working with time 
> zones and who can write code that deals with multiple time zones 
> correctly. I have met loads of developers who think they can, though. ;-)
> Also, NTP is your friend.

This is really off-topic here, being WinSCP more than anything else.
But since I am also a heavy user of WinSCP, connecting to my various 
Apache and Tomcat machines, and I also see that same issue (some server 
sometimes showing me server files with a timestamp off by one hour more 
or less), and this has been puzzling me at some low level for a couple 
of years now, I'd also like to understand the issue fully while we have 
the chance.  This does not only concern JSP files by the way, but also 
logfiles etc..
I thought it was just a bug of WinSCP. I've kind of learned to live with 
it, and to mentally adjust for the discrepancies, but it's still puzzling.
My systems are using NTP to synchronise their time, workstations too. 
But I still see this discrepancy.  Care to repeat the explanation and 
the fix, or is it not a fix ?

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