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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: slight problem with Tomcat and Httpd working together.
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:35:43 GMT
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On 8/8/2009 12:35 AM, Josh Gooding wrote:
> Since Tomcat is not the most efficient at
> serving static HTML pages

As Chuck suggests, this is an incorrect assumption. In recent testing I
performed myself, Tomcat 6.0.20's APR connector (also mentioned by
Chuck) with sendfile enabled performed on par with Apache httpd. For
high-concurrency environments, Tomcat's NIO connector is a good bet as
well (though it doesn't perform quite as well as the APR connector, it
can be configured to use fewer resources than APR).

I did not perform any testing involving Tomcat's SSL versus Apache
httpd, but I suspect they will again be the same.

Why? Because the APR connector uses the same code as Apache httpd to do
both SSL and static file delivery.

So, you can argue all you want, but the performance will still be the
same. Stick with a configuration that is simpler since httpd is not
required for your setup.

> #Send servlet for context /examples to worker named ajp13
> JkMount /* ajp13

This comment and mount directive do not agree. If you want your mount
directive to match your comment, you want:

JkMount /examples/* ajp13

> #Send JSP's for context /examples/* to worker named ajp13
> JkMount /*/* ajp13

Again, this comment and mount directive do not agree. Technically
speaking, the mount directive above (either version: yours or mine) will
both cover this URL pattern already, so there's no advantage to putting
them both in your configuration (note that * matches / characters).

> Since I have virtual hosting on tomcat serving to a subdomain, do I have to
> do anything with virtual hosting on httpd to forward subdomain to httpd?

Do you have different VirtualHost sections in your httpd.conf file? If
so, you'll need to repeat the JkMounts in each one. There's more
relevant httpd configuration than what you posted :)

- -chris
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