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From Timothy J Schumacher <Tim.Schumac...@Colorado.EDU>
Subject migration to 5.5.27
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:15:36 GMT

I am currently running tomcat 5.0.12 and want to upgrade to 5.5.27.  I 
also have java 1.4 running on an old version of linux (redhat 7.3) and I 
have installed the compatibility package in my tomcat home directory.  I 
can start and stop the server just fine.

The trouble I am running into is in precompiling my jsp's.  I use ant 
1.6.1 and I edited my build.xml to change the jasper2 task to point to 
the new version of TC. 

Upon running my jspcompile task in ant I get a bunch of errors (I 
suspect these have something to do with log4j?).  It looks like every 
jsp produces one of these:

  [jasper2] error in opening zip file
  [jasper2]     at Method)
  [jasper2]     at<init>(
  [jasper2]     at<init>(
  [jasper2]     at
  [jasper2]     at$ResourceEnumeration.findNextResource(
  [jasper2]     at$ResourceEnumeration.<init>(
  [jasper2]     at
  [jasper2]     at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResources(
  [jasper2]     at java.lang.ClassLoader.getResources(
  [jasper2]     at 
  [jasper2]     at 

and with ant -v i get lines that look like this:
Ignoring Exception error in opening zip file 
reading resource org/apache/log4j/Logger.class from 

It looks like ant needs log4j but when I added it to the classpath for 
my jasper task it seemed to make no difference.  I also tried "ant -lib 
path-to-log4j jspcompile" and I get a warning about not having 
configured a logger but same errors...   


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